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8 POWERFUL English Words to Supercharge Your English Vocabulary

I will teach you eight powerful English words and powerful English words with meaning. You will learn powerful English words and their meanings to supercharge your vocabulary. To sound more fluent, you should learn powerful English vocabulary that will help improve your English vocabulary. You will learn some of the most powerful words in English language.

Hello students. Welcome back. I am glad to see you here. Let’s learn eight powerful English words to Help you make better English Conversations. These English vocabulary words can be beneficial to any person who wants to sound more successful and influential.

The first powerful English vocabulary word is - Stimulate

Stimulate – means to excite or awaken the emotions, senses, or curiosity of. The word stimulate has a few meanings. It can mean to create or produce something, or it can mean to excite, stimulate interest, or stir something up. We will look at stimulate as a verb which means "to make someone feel more active or interested.” Here’s an example sentence for stimulate:

“She stimulated him by saying he had a chance of success."

Powerful English Words

The second powerful English vocabulary word is - Innovation

The term innovation is used to describe the introduction of an improved product, process, or idea. Here’s an example sentence for the word innovation:

“She is responsible for many innovations in science.”

The third powerful English vocabulary word is - Empathy

Empathy – is understanding and sharing the feelings of another; Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. To have empathetic understanding you need to be able for put yourself in someone’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Put yourself in someone’s shoes means to imagine that you are them so you can understand their thinking and feelings. Here’s an example sentence for the word empathy:

“I felt empathy for my friend’s situation.”

The fourth powerful English vocabulary word is - Commitment

Commitment is one of the most important words in English. Commitment is a noun. It means a promise to do something or to be loyal to something or somebody, especially when other people are involved.

“He made a commitment to help his brother learn how to drive.”

The fifth powerful English vocabulary word is - Self-confidence

Self-confidence is the ability to believe in one's own strength, abilities, and judgment. So, you believe in yourself. Here’s an example sentence for self-confidence:

“He inspired self-confidence in his students.”

The sixth powerful English vocabulary word is - Persistence

Persistence is the quality of continuing to do something even though it may be difficult. Here’s an example sentence for the word persistence;

She has shown a lot of persistence in achieving her goals.”

The seventh powerful English vocabulary word is - Passion

Passion is a word that is used to describe a strong feeling or emotion. It can also refer to an intense interest in or enthusiasm for something. Passionate means feeling, showing, or having strong feelings of love, anger, and other emotions. Here are some example sentences for passion and passionate.

“Swimming is his passion.” “She is passionate about her job.”

Powerful English words

The eighth powerful English vocabulary word is - Optimism

Optimism is a powerful word because it means that we believe things will get better and we can do something about that belief. Here is a sentence example with the word optimism;

“An attitude of optimism is important to have when dealing with difficult situations.”

Now you know some powerful English words to help you make better English conversations. I’ll see you in the next time

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