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Halloween Vocabulary In English - Learn English Halloween Vocabulary

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

I will teach you Halloween vocabulary in English. You will learn English Halloween vocabulary for better English fluency. This lesson will help you learn Halloween vocabulary esl. So let's learn English vocabulary Halloween.

Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the world. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st.

I have chosen some vocabulary words about Halloween that you may find interesting. The words I will teach you may have several meanings, but I will teach you the meaning most related to Halloween. So, let’s learn English about some Halloween vocabulary.

The first word is fright. Fright is fear caused by sudden danger. For example: A dog suddenly jumped and gave me a fright. We also have frightened which is a verb. Frightened means to make afraid, to terrify. "The scary movie frightened the woman."

The next Halloween vocabulary word is ghastly. Ghastly is similar to frightening and means intensely unpleasant, disagreeable, or objectionable. Ghastly is an adjective. For example: "Last night I had a ghastly nightmare." As you see ghastly describes the nightmare. A ghastly nightmare.

Otherworldly is an adjective.

Otherworldly means: of, relating to, or resembling that of a world other than the actual world. Here’s an example: "Zombies are otherworldly monsters."

The next Halloween vocabulary word is phantom. Phantom is a noun and means something that seems to exist but with no substantial existence. Here’s an example: "Last night I saw a phantom in my nightmare."

The next vocabulary word is repulsive. Something that is repulsive makes a person want to stay away from something for some reason. Often the reason is because the thing is gross or disgusting. For example: She found the monster deeply repulsive.

The next word is unnerved. Unnerved just means to cause someone or something to become nervous. The woman became unnerved by the voice on the phone.

Tombstone. A tombstone is a stone used to mark the graves of people who have died.

Usually, tombstones have the name of the dead person and some other information. Tombstones are used a lot to symbolize Halloween. Here’s an example: There were many tombstones in the graveyard.

The next word is gruesome. Gruesome is an adjective and means to inspire horror or repulsion. Remember the word repulsive from earlier. Gruesome is used to describe something horrible. For example, the woman saw a gruesome murder.

Now you know more scary Halloween vocabulary terms.

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