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How can I learn English by myself for free?

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Answer: Yes, You can learn English by yourself for free. Here are some ways you can learn English by yourself for free. You can learn English by listening to podcasts and free audiobooks. You can learn English from news stories. You can listen to music to learn English. Read graded readers to teach yourself English. You can teach yourself English by watching free online English lessons.

Watch this video to find out more about how to teach yourself English.

5 Useful Tips to teach English to yourself.

Hello students. In today’s English lesson I will tell you 5 useful tips to teach English to yourself. Let’s get started:

Number 5 way to teach yourself English- Listen to everything you can.

Why is listening an important way to teach yourself English? Let’s think about when children learn their first language, they don’t learn by reading or writing. They pick up words and phrases from the people around them (their mother, father, older sister and brother etc). Maybe at first you won’t understand all the words and phrases you hear but over time you will understand more vocabulary and phrases.

Try one of books - Learn English through stories 1 eBook 👉

Try a site like

That site has free English listening lessons with quizzes and text dialogue.

If you are more interested in listening to free audiobooks check out

This site has a lot of free audiobooks about many different subjects that you can listen to.

To teach yourself English through listening you can: listen to something and make a note about the vocabulary or phrases you don’t know. You can then search and learn the vocabulary and phrases and listen again. This will help to give you a deeper understanding of what you are listening to.

Number 4 way to teach yourself English- Learn English from news stories

News stories report on current events that might be interesting. News stories also contain a lot of vocabulary and phrases that will help you improve your English. I have one free website that I want to share with you. It is called This website has over 3,000 free English lessons in 7 different levels. I’m sure you can find the level that is right for you. The site also has a lot of free activities you can complete to really help you learn English. To teach yourself English you can read news stories.

Try one of our books - Learn English through stories 2 eBook 👉

Number 3 way to teach yourself English – listen to Music to learn English

We all love music. We may like different kinds of music, but everyone loves listening to music. Since you enjoy music, why not learn English from it? You can learn lots of current and trendy phrases from pop music. I found an interesting website called It has lyrics with videos for different levels of English learners.

Number 2 way to teach yourself English- Read graded readers.

What is a graded reader? Graded readers are books that are written for different levels of English learner. These books have interesting stories that are written in a way that is comfortable for English learners at every stage. Graded readers are written with certain vocabulary words to help you improve your English vocabulary. Free Learn English through Graded Readers

Number 1 way to teach yourself English – Watch free online English lessons.

There are many many YouTube channels for learning English. Many of these channels are quite good too. Obviously, there are big English learning channels on YouTube like, English with Lucy, Learn English with TV series, and learn English with English class 101. There are other channels like our channel English Danny Learn English Channel where we have 4 teachers that make English learning videos. Another channel I like is learn English with Bob the Canadian. There are so many channels on YouTube, and even Facebook to help you learn English by yourself. One great advantage of watching videos from several English leaning channels is that you can hear different English accents and learn different English phrases.

I hope these tips will help you learn English by yourself. Remember I have links in the description to all of the free English learning websites and channels.

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