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Learn English about Classroom English Phrasal Verbs- AMAZING Phrasal Verbs

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

John teaches classroom English for teachers along with classroom English phrases for better English fluency. You can learn classroom expression and classroom phrases that are useful classroom expressions for teachers.

Today's lesson is about classroom English phrasal verbs. There's a lot of different things in the classroom and this English lesson is about classroom phrasal verbs.

Watch this video first, then complete the activities below the video.


The first classroom English phrasal verb that we're going to look at today is catch on. This phrasal verb means to understand something especially after a long time. Okay, so if you are studying and you don't understand but suddenly you understand then you catch on. For example, “I couldn't understand the lesson, but I started to catch on after a few minutes.

Example Sentence: It may take a few minutes, but he'll catch on.

The next classroom English phrasal verb we have is hand out. Hand out means to give something to all of the people in a group and maybe this group is a classroom or class. For example, the teacher handed out the test. He is or she is giving the test to everyone in the class.

Example sentence: I will hand out your homework now.

The next classroom English phrasal verb is hand in. Hand in is a little bit different than hand out. Hand in means to give something to someone in a position of authority, like a teacher. When you give something to your teacher like a test or give homework, you hand in your homework.

Example sentence: I handed my test in to my teacher.

Our next classroom English phrasal verb is make up. Makeup has many different meanings, but this meaning is especially for the classroom. Make up means to do something at a later date than originally planned. So, maybe if you didn't do your homework then you need to make up your homework. You will do it next time in the future, at a later date.

Example Sentence: I didn't go to class today, so I need to make up the test.

Our next classroom English phrasal verb is: speak up. Speak up means to talk louder. It's very very common for teachers to ask the students to speak up. Especially if you talk quietly or if you're whispering. The teacher will say: speak up. It means to talk louder.

Example Sentence: I said my answer quietly, so the teacher asked me to speak up.

The final classroom English phrasal verb is quiet down. Quiet down means to be quieter or calmer. Your teacher will probably say this sometimes when students are very loud. The teacher needs to say: quiet down. "Everybody quiet down please."

Example sentence: The class was very noisy so the teacher asked us to quiet down.

Click here for a Classroom English phrasal verb activity.

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