Learn English about Common Phrasal Verbs- Words for Dating

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I will teach you phrases for dating in English which include phrasal verbs in English for better speaking. Phrasal verbs in English grammar are very important for improving your phrasal verbs in English speaking.

Hello everyone and welcome to the English Danny channel's phrasal verb challenge. Today's English learning topic is dating. Let's get started. The five English phrasal verbs you will learn English about today about dating are: hit it off, ask out, go out, check out, and fall for.

Watch this video then read below the video and do the activity.

Let's learn English. Our first phrasal verb in English about dating is: hit it off. To hit it off means to get along right away. So, if you are dating someone and you meet them for the first time and right away you like each other very much we would say that you: hit it off. For example, we really hit it off last night. We're going on another date on Friday. It means you liked each other right away, and so you hit it off.

Our next phrasal verb in English is: ask out. To ask out has two meanings and it means to ask someone to date you be your boyfriend or girlfriend or to ask someone to go on a date with you. So, let's see how we can use this in some sentences. Number one: I asked out Samantha and she said yes. We're going to see a movie together. So here the person asked Samantha out on one date and so we could say ask out. I asked her out on a date or he finally asked me out he's my boyfriend now. So, this means that he asked someone to be in a relationship. He's my boyfriend now, he finally asked me out. So to ask someone out you could ask to take them on a date or to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Our third phrasal verb in English about dating is: go out. To go out means to be in a relationship. For example, we've been going out for a year. Go out is talking about a boyfriend girlfriend kind of relationship, not engaged or married. So, just if you are dating we would say that you're going out. So here we see if you guys recognize this tv show: Urkel asking will you go out with me? So he's asking someone out. So we can use ask out. He's asking the question: will you go out with me? To go out means to become someone's boyfriend or girlfriend.

Our fourth phrasal verb in English today is: check out. To check someone out means to look at them with romantic interest. Often we check out people who we think are good looking or attractive. For example, I know you like him you've been checking him out all night. If you see someone attractive and you're looking at them we would call this checking someone out. So check out.

Our fifth and last phrasal verb in English for today is: fall for. To fall for means to develop strong romantic feelings for someone. For example, we've only been dating for a few months but I think I'm falling for her. So here we can use fall for to say that we are starting to love someone. We are falling for someone.

Okay, let's review. Our English phrasal verbs today are: hit it off, which means to meet someone and right away you like each other very much.

Ask out: which means to ask someone to go on a date with you or to ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Go out: which means to be in a relationship a boyfriend girlfriend kind of relationship.

Check out: which means to look at someone with romantic interest.

And fall for: which means to start to love someone.

Okay, everyone that's it for our first phrasal verb challenge video about dating. I will see you soon with another interesting phrasal verb video see you next time.

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