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Learn English about Useful Travel Phrasal Verbs- Travel Phrasal Verbs

In this lesson, you will learn English with phrasal verbs about travel for better English fluency. Learn English from this course👉 It is useful to know travel phrasal verbs which are important phrasal verbs in English. You will learn phrasal verbs in English grammar and phrasal verbs in English with examples.

Watch this video then continue the lesson below.

We have some very useful phrasal verbs for you that you can use when you talk about travel. When you want to travel, you'll know what certain things are called. They're just very useful phrases for you to know.

Alright, so the first phrasal verb that we have for you today is set off, or set out. Okay, these two phrasal verbs they actually mean the same thing. And the definition is to start a journey or an adventure. So, you can use this whenever you start traveling. You set off or you set out. So for example, I set off on Wednesday and will arrive on Friday.

Our next phrasal verb is: look around.

Alright, look around means to visit a place and look at the things in it. Okay, so you can use this word for many different places. You can use it for a big place like a city. I'm going to look around the city means that you're going to just explore. Look at, look at all the different things in the city. But you can also use this word for small places like a school or a room even. You can look around the room. So let's use it in a sentence, for example: I had a few days to look around the city.

Alright, our next word is to look something up, or it's called look up. Now, lookup actually has a few different meanings. It can mean different things, but in this in this way-this context, look something up means to try to find a piece of information by looking in a book or on a computer. You can even use a smartphone to look something up. Okay, so let's look at the example: I was lost, so I looked up the directions. So, you can see here that this is very useful for you when you are traveling because you need to look up many things. You need to find a lot of information when you are traveling.

Alright, our next word is get away. Get away means to go somewhere to have a holiday or vacation. If you are American often because you need to rest. You will use this phrase if you feel tired or stressed. Okay, you can say that: I need to get away. It means you need to go somewhere to have rest. To have a vacation. Okay so for example: I feel that I need to get away for a few weeks. Maybe this is because you feel stressed from work or you just really haven't traveled in a long time and you just want to relax. Then you can get away.

Alright, and our final word is to take off something. Now take off again, take off can mean many different things, but this is about time. Usually, the definition is to use a period of time for a purpose that is different from what you usually do. Okay usually if you are working then if you take off a few days, then you're doing something different besides working. For example, I decided to take off next weekend for a vacation. So, usually this person works during the weekend, but they decided to take off next weekend for a vacation. So, they will not work.

Alright everyone thanks a lot for watching. That's it for today. I hope you found it very useful. Don't forget to like this video and hit the subscribe button if you want to continue to see more useful English lessons from us in the future. Alright, thanks a lot for watching the English Danny channel.

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