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Let's Learn English Phrasal Verbs about Socializing- Let's Hang Out!

Let's Learn English Phrasal Verbs about Socializing- Let's Hang Out! You will learn English phrasal verbs about social phrases in English. Learn English from this course👉 I will teach you English for socializing using phrasal verbs for business and work to build better confidence. You will learn phrasal verbs in English along with phrasal verbs examples to help you speak English.

Watch this video first, then continue the lesson below.

Hello everyone and welcome to our next video in the English Danny Learn English phrasal verb challenge. In today's video we will learn phrasal verbs about socializing. Let's get started!

There are five English phrasal verbs we will talk about today. The five English phrasal verbs about socializing we will learn today are: hang out, catch up, stick up for, hear from, and run into.

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Let's begin. Our first English phrasal verb today is: hang out. Have you ever heard this before? To hang out means to spend time together doing nothing specific. It just means to be together with your friends. For example, we might say let's hang out this weekend. This means maybe I don't know what we will do, I just want to spend some time together. And here we see another example, if we wanted to ask a question: hey want to hang out this afternoon? This means let's spend some time together.

Our next phrasal verb today is: catch up. To catch up means to talk to someone about what has happened in your life since you saw them last. For example, if I have not seen my friend in one year when we see each other we will catch up and talk about what has happened since we saw each other one year ago. What has happened in the last year? For example, it has been so long since we have seen each other. We need to catch up soon. This means I want to hear about what's happened in your life since i saw you last time. Let's catch up!

Here we see another example from a Netflix show. We can all catch up. This means we can all get together and talk about what has happened since we were together last time.

Our third phrasal verb today is stick up for. To stick up for someone means to defend them, or more specifically to speak in support of someone. Especially when no one else will so. If you hear someone saying unkind or mean things about your friend and you say: hey don't say that. Don't do that, that's not true. Then you are sticking up for your friend. For example, I can't believe she was being so mean to me. Thank you for sticking up for me, you're a true friend. This means, in this situation someone was saying mean things about you and your friend said: hey how dare you! Don't do that! Oh, thank you for sticking up for me. Here we see an example: a woman saying you leave her alone. She's talking about her friend sitting down and here maybe someone has said something mean about her friend and she is sticking up for her. You leave her alone! Stick up for.

Our fourth phrasal verb about socializing is: hear from. To hear from someone means to be contacted by them. So if they call you, or text you, or email you then you have heard from them. For example, I haven't heard from her in weeks. I hope she's okay. This means she has not contacted me in any way in several weeks. So I haven't heard from her. And here we see a scene from a tv show: I haven't heard from you all day. This means you have not messaged me or called me or talked to me in any way, all day. I haven't heard from you. Our last phrasal verb today is: run into. To run into someone means to see someone that you know in public unplanned. For example, I ran into my old teacher at the supermarket today. This means I wasn't planning on seeing my old teacher, but I went to the supermarket and there's my teacher. I ran into them. So for example: we see here two young friends who run into each other in public and then run to see each other.

So let's review. Our phrasal verbs today were: hang out, which means to spend time together doing nothing specific. Catch up: which means to talk to each other about what has happened since you saw each other last time.

Stick up for: which means to defend someone. Hear from: which means to be contacted by someone. And run into, which means to see someone you know in public, unplanned.

Okay everyone that's it for today's video in our phrasal verb challenge. See you next time with more interesting phrasal verbs.

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Translated titles: Aprendamos Phrasal Verbs en inglés sobre socializar: ¡salgamos! Lass uns englische Phrasalverben über Geselligkeit lernen-Lass uns abhängen! Apprenons les verbes de phrase anglais sur la socialisation-Sortons! Vamos aprender verbos frasais em inglês sobre socialização-vamos sair! आइए जानें सोशलिंग के बारे में इंग्लिश دعنا نتعلم أشباه الجمل الفعلية باللغة الإنجليزية حول ا 让我们学习有关社交的英语短语动词-让我们一起出去玩! Alamin Natin ang English Phrasal Verbs tungkol sa Pakikipag-sosyal-Tumambay! 사회화에 관한 영어 구동사를 배우자-Let 's Hang Out! ਆਓ ਸੋਸ਼ਲਾਈਜ਼ਿੰਗ ਬਾਰੇ ਇੰਗਲਿਸ਼ ਫ੍ਰਾਸਲ

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