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🚗 Let's Learn English Phrasal Verbs about driving- Pull Over!

Let's Learn English Phrasal Verbs about driving- Pull Over! You will learn English phrasal verbs about driving and driving phrasal verbs in English. Learn English from this course👉 I will teach you English about driving using phrasal verbs for business and work to build better confidence. You will learn phrasal verbs in English along with phrasal verbs examples to help you speak English. Learn more phrasal verbs from this video Get FREE E Book Lessons here👉

Watch this video first, then continue the lesson below.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the English Danny channel. I’m teacher John and I’m here to help you become great at learning English. Today we have a great lesson for you about driving phrasal verbs in English. These are very useful for, I think, a lot of people because we all

Drive. Okay, or a lot of us drive, so it's very important to know that a lot of drivers or police or even just driving teachers will use these phrasal verbs to describe a lot of things that happen when you are driving. Let's get started!

So, the first word that we have for you today is: back up. Okay what do you think that means? Well here's a hint for you: it means to move a vehicle in reverse. Okay to move backwards so for example: I need to back up please move out of the way. Alight so anytime you're moving backwards the action is called backing up. That's what we most commonly use.

Alright the next word we have is break down. Break down. Again try to guess the meaning of the word. What do you think it means? Here's a hint: it means to stop working. So, if your car breaks down that means it's not working. You can't go. You can't use your car. So, let's see it in a sentence. My car broke down while I was driving to work. So, I was late.

Alright our next word is very useful. It's used a lot by driving teachers or especially police, like they use this word a lot. This word is pull over. Okay, pull over can be an action. Oh, I’m pulling over. I’m moving to the side. Or it can be a command, and that's why a lot of police will ask you to pull over if they need to talk to you. Here you can see a picture of it, and this is a picture of a car moving to the side of the road and stopping. Okay and that's what pullover means. It means that you move off of the road, or to the side of the road and then you stop the car. Pull over. So, let's use it in a sentence. The police officer asked me to pull over.

Okay now we have another word that's very useful, and is also often used as a command. It is an action but often used as a command. Someone will ask you to do this and the word is: slow down. What do you think it means? I think it's pretty easy. It's a little bit different than just slow right. Slow is an adjective. Slowdown is a verb. Okay, so it means to reduce the speed of the vehicle. Alright let's use it in a sentence. Here the speed limit is only 40 kilometers per hour so, I slowed down.

Alright and our final word is: speed up. Speed up is the opposite of slow down actually. And speed up is not really used as a command. Most people won't ask you to please speed up, but it's just an action. It's a phrasal verb. Okay and it means to increase the speed of the vehicle. Okay it's the opposite of slow down. So now you know we have slowdown and speed up. Okay it means decrease the speed or increase the speed. So, let's use it in a sentence. For example, the speed limit is 120 kilometers per hour so I sped up. Okay and sped up is its past tense of speed.

Alright everyone that's our lesson for today. Thanks so much for watching and if you haven't yet, please subscribe to our channel if you thought that this video was useful.

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