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Motivational Words in English - Motivational Vocabulary in English

I will teach you motivational words in English along with motivational words in English with meaning. You will learn motivational single words in English for better English fluency. These are some motivational vocabulary that are words about motivation in English. It's important to know motivation words in English that will help you understand motivation words in English for students.

Hello students. Welcome back. Today’s video lesson is 8 motivational phrases in English. These motivational English vocabulary words can be beneficial to any person who wants to use motivational vocabulary to motivate themselves and others around them. What does motivation mean? Motivation is the act of giving someone a reason for doing something. Here’s an example sentence for the word motivation.

“My motivation to learn English is to get a better job.”

Motivational Word in English #1 - Ambition.

The meaning of ambition is a strong desire to do something. An Ambition usually requires hard work to achieve. Basically, ambition is wanting very much to do or achieve something. Here’s an example of ambition used in a sentence.

“His main ambition is to become a teacher.”

Motivational words in English
Motivational English Words

Motivational Word in English #2 - Courage

The meaning of courage is the ability to do something that is difficult or even do something that frightens you. Courage is when someone shows mental or moral strength.

“He had the courage to admit his mistakes.”

Motivational Word in English #3 - Determination

The meaning of determination is a quality that makes a person to continue trying to do something that is difficult. Someone with determination really tries hard to achieve something. Here’s an example of determination used in a sentence.

“He had great determination to succeed at his job.”

Motivational Word in English #4 - Inspiration

The meaning of inspiration is to have a sudden brilliant or creative idea. Inspiration also means being moved to do or feel something.

“His mom was his inspiration for becoming an artist.”

Motivational Word in English #5 - Zeal

Another motivational word is zeal. Zeal means strong interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very determined to do something. Here’s an example sentence for the word zeal.

“She has great zeal for her volunteer work.”

Motivational Word in English #6 - Patience

The next motivation English vocabulary word is patience. Patience means the ability to wait for a period of time without getting annoyed, angry, or upset. Patience also means the ability to stay calm when dealing with a difficult person or difficult situation.

“He always shows patience with his students.”

Motivational Word in English #7 - Envision

Envision is the next motivational word in English. Envision means to imagine something as a future possibility. To visualize something can happen in the future.

“She envisioned a better life for herself.”

Motivational Word in English #8 - Gratitude

The next motivational word in English is gratitude. Gratitude as a motivational word means a feeling of appreciation or thanks. We often use the phrases “show gratitude’ or ‘express gratitude.” Here is a sentence example for the word gratitude.

“I expressed my gratitude to my her for her help.”

Now you know some motivational English words to help you make better English conversations. I’ll see you soon.

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