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Real English Conversation 2 - Future travel Conversation with Subtitle

Sarah and I have a real English conversation that is a future travel conversation. This video is a real English conversation with subtitle that is a helpful English conversation for beginners. You will see an English conversation about travelling. This is an English conversation about travel where we speak about future travel.

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Hello students. Sarah and I will be talking about where we want to travel in the future, and this will be a conversation about the future.

Danny: Hey Sarah, how's it going?

Sarah: Hey Danny, I’m doing pretty well. How are you?

Danny: Oh good. I was thinking about our conversation that we had before about places that we've traveled to, and I thought you know, why don't I ask Sarah what country she wants to go to. So Sarah, what country do you want to go to in the future?

Sarah: Great question! In the future, I would love to go to Italy.

Danny: Why do you want to go to Italy?

Sarah: Italy has a lot of really interesting history. There is a lot of really great food, and I’ve heard it's a very beautiful country. So, for all these reasons, I really want to go to Italy in the future.

Danny: Oh, I’ve been to Italy myself.

Sarah: Oh, you have? Where did you go in Italy?

Danny: Oh, I’ve been to several different cities. For example, I went to Rome and Naples and Venice.

Sarah: Very cool! So, when I go in the future, where do you think I should go?

Danny: I would say you should start in Rome, just because you know it has a lot of history. There's a lot of very good restaurants that you can eat at and well I love Italian food. So, I think that's a great suggestion.

Sarah: How about you Danny? Where would you like to travel in the future?

Danny: Oh, there's a lot of places, but I really want to go to Thailand.

Sarah: Oh great choice! I love Thailand! Where do you want to go in Thailand?

Danny: I heard that there's a lot of really good beaches there and also the capital city of Bangkok can be pretty interesting.

Sarah: I have actually been to Bangkok it is a very cool city. So you want to go to Bangkok? What would you like to do when you go to this city?

Danny: I’d like to travel to some of the temples that I read about on the Internet. Yes, Bangkok is full of many interesting temples.

Sarah: Do you like Thai food as well Danny?

Danny: I’ve had it a few times but not in Thailand, so I’ll be very interested to see what it's like in Thailand.

Sarah: Yeah, food is usually better when you get it in the country that it's from definitely. Are there any other places in Thailand you want to visit?

Danny: I heard that in the north of Thailand there's a city called Chiang Mai which has more natural scenery, so that would be interesting to see.

Sarah: Definitely, yeah. It's nice to visit a city, but it's great to go somewhere where it's a little quieter. I have heard that you can go to elephant refuges when you visit Chiang Mai. It sounds like Thailand is a really interesting place. I hope you have fun there when you go there in the future Danny.

Danny: Well and I hope that you have fun in Italy. Thank you.

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