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Small Talk about Current Events in English - Conversation Starters about Current Events

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

I will teach you small talk in English about current events. You will learn conversation starters about current events and how to talk about current events in English. You will learn easy small talk in English along with small talk about current events. I will show you conversations about current events using small talk to talk about small talk topics in English.

Next is small talk about current events. And if you remember from earlier, a current event is something happening now. So, something in the news.

For example, some event that we hear about in our local area, or in our country, or in the world.

Right anywhere, so I might ask someone, “did you hear about blank?” Let's say in my town there was a fire, the, a restaurant caught on fire. “Did you hear about the fire at the Chile’s restaurant?” “Did you hear about that?” So, we can ask, “did you hear about…” and then someone might answer, “yes,” and we talk about it. Or they might answer, “no,” and we tell them about it. Right, “oh you didn't hear about it?” “Oh, let me tell you.” “So did you hear about this current event? Did you hear about the flooding in Germany?” Right, another current event, “did you hear about the building that collapsed in Miami?” Right, things in the news that maybe when they're just happening, we might ask, “did you hear about it?”

We can ask, “what do you think about…?” Some current event.

So, what is your opinion about some current event that is happening? “Oh what do you think about the new lockdown in Korea?” Where you know it's uh, or any current event in English right. So COVID, lots of current events, “what do you think about that? Oh, I think…” We can also start sentences with where we heard something.

So, the next two we see are, “I heard on the radio today that…” Or “I saw on the news that…”

And then talking about whatever that thing is. “Oh, I heard on the radio today that um uh Lady Gaga is doing a concert next week. We should go.” Right, whatever the current event is. So, we can say where we heard it. “I heard it on the radio. I saw on the news. I read in the newspaper,” and so on. And then sharing what that thing is.

And a great current event and also a common topic for small talk is about sports.

“Did you catch the game last night?” So maybe there was a basketball game last night that uh I know many people watched. If I’m just being friendly and having some small talk, “hey did you catch the game last night?”

So here we see some great conversation starters in English for small talk about current events.

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