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The English Danny Channel and Academy has four experienced English teachers. The teachers are Danny, Sarah, John & Don. We make easy to understand online English lessons to help you learn English.


We create entertaining, engaging, and educational English Lessons to help you learn English faster.

If you are an English learner you know how important great lessons from a great teacher are. This channel makes videos that are easy to follow to help you learn English speaking, learn English Conversation, learn English grammar, and learn English vocabulary. If that sounds like it could be helpful to you please subscribe. Thanks.

our English Teachers

Hi, I am Danny. I have been teaching English for over 10 years. I want to help you improve your English fluency. I make fun English lessons to help you learn English.

Teacher Sarah

Hello everyone, I'm Sarah. I've been teaching English for over 5 years. I am passionate about teaching and love helping people develop their English language skills. I can't wait to help you learn and grow with fun, interesting lessons!

Teacher John

Hello everyone, I'm John. I love teaching English and helping people improve their language skills. I have over 6 years of experience and want to share my knowledge with you!

Professor Don

Hey there, I'm Don. I've been an English professor in the USA and abroad for about 15 years. Now I'm here to help YOU learn English.

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