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Real English Conversation 1 - English Conversation about the Past - Travel

This lesson is a real English conversation that is a English conversation about the past. You will learn real English conversation for beginners along with English conversation about travel. Get the transcript and worksheet here

Real Conversations 1
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Hello students welcome back to the channel and today Sarah and I are going to have a real English conversation. We don't have a script or anything we're just going to be making up a conversation right now.

So, the conversation is going to be about the past right Sarah?

That's right, today we're going to have a conversation and use some past tense in a real conversation so you can hear what it sounds like when English speakers have a conversation about the past that's real.

Sarah: Hey Danny, how's it going?

Danny: I’m doing well. How about you?

Sarah: Doing pretty good. Not much happening these days. You know lately I’ve been thinking a lot about travel, and I know you have traveled a lot right.

Sarah: Yeah, I’ve been, I’ve been to some places sure. So, what is your favorite place that you've traveled to?

Danny: hmm I’ve traveled to about 30 countries. So, it's hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to say maybe my favorite country is Greece.

Sarah: Greece! I have never been there, but it sounds really cool. When did you go there? Danny: Oh, a long time ago. A very long time ago.

Sarah: Oh, I see. So, what did you do when you were there?

Danny: Well, I went to the beach. I relaxed on a beach. I had some uh drinks in a bar.

Sarah: I see. So, what kind of food did you eat there? I’ve heard that Greek food is really delicious.

Danny: Greek food is wonderful. I had some traditional Greek food which often has feta cheese. Which I really like.

Sarah: Oh, I really like feta too. So how long did you visit Greece for?

Danny: I’ve been to Greece several times and usually for about a week or so at a time.

Sarah: Wow that sounds really nice. What cities did you go to when you were in Greece?

Danny: I went to Athens, which is the capital city of Greece, but also to several islands in Greece.

Sarah: Very cool! I know that there are a lot of interesting historical things in Greece. Did you see any historical sites while you were in Greece?

Danny: Yeah absolutely! I went to the Parthenon the Acropolis, and I also went to an old Olympic stadium. Very old Olympic stadium.

Sarah: That sounds awesome! It sounds like you had a great time in Greece. I did I did.

Danny: How about you? What's your favorite country that you've traveled to in the past?

Sarah: I think my favorite country that I have traveled to is Vietnam actually.

Danny: Why do you think Vietnam is your favorite?

Sarah: Vietnam is a very special country to me. I went there in around 2016 and I just really loved the culture, and the food, and met some really wonderful people there as well. So, I really love Vietnam.

Danny: Okay, what kind of weather is in Vietnam?

Sarah: Well, when I went to Vietnam I went to Hanoi, which is in northern Vietnam, but even still it was very hot. One time I visited Vietnam, I went in the winter, and it was still about 70 degrees. So still warm, but very nice. Then another trip I went in the summer, and it was extremely hot and humid. So, it was a little uncomfortable to be outside during the day for long periods of time. So, we would go into restaurants and go get nice cold drinks and things like that to help deal with the hot weather.

Danny: That's interesting. How long did you stay in Vietnam?

Sarah: For one trip we only went for about four or five days and on the next trip it was about a week maybe seven to ten days we were there.

Danny: Okay and who did you go to Vietnam with?

Sarah: I went with my husband John, and we had a really great time when we were there. It's always fun to travel with another person to have to be able to share your experiences with. Danny: Vietnam must have been a really interesting country to travel to.

Sarah: It was I really loved it.

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