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Give GREAT Presentations in English: Learn Body Language for English Presentations!

Learn English about Presentations in English: Learn Body Language for English presentations! Let's learn English about presentations in English for better confidence. You can learn English about presentations and how to use body language in English to give great presentations. You will learn presentation skills in English. It is important to use body language in English-speaking for body language in English presentations for excellent presentations.

In this lesson I will teach you about body language in English presentations. Often when we talk about language, we mean the words we say. However, there is another way that we speak, and that is with our bodies. For example, we can tell by someone’s body language if they are nervous, sad, or confident. Body language is especially important. When we give presentations, our body language can make the difference between a presentation people want to watch and a presentation people are not so interested in watching. Let us learn about what to do and what not to do with our body language when we present.

We will talk about the five most important body language tips for English presentations.

Tip #1 - Stand up straight posture is the first thing people will see when you walk out to present in English.

Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground about shoulder width apart. Imagine there is a string on top of your head and there is someone pulling it up towards the sky. Make sure your shoulders are back in and your head is held high.

Have good posture when giving a presentation in English
So cute! haha

Tip #2 - Do not lean or sway.

Leaning on something or swaying back and forth is a clear sign to the audience that you are nervous or maybe you even do not care much about what you are saying. Though it is OK to walk around and move while you present, make sure you do not shift your weight from foot to foot and do not lean on anything while you are presenting.

Presenting in English
Don't learn when giving a presentation.

Tip #3 - Be mindful of your hands.

Our hands can be the hardest things to control when we feel nervous. If you do not have a script or note cards, you can hold your hands at about waist level or you can hold on to a podium if you have one. This allows you to gesture easily, which we will talk about more in a future chapter, and also to keep your hands from fidgeting or distracting the audience. Do not hold your hands straight by your side. This is not natural, and it makes you look uncomfortable.

Tip #4 - Be mindful of your breath.

This is a tip that can help you to manage your anxiety or nervousness. Often when we are nervous, we breathe faster because our hearts are racing. Try to purposefully take deep breaths before you present and while you present. This will help to reduce your anxiety. It also helps to practice and prepare for your presentation, which we’ll talk about later in this series.

Tip #5 - Smile.

A lot of emotion is shown on our face. Even if you are not really feeling happy. Smiling is a great way to connect with the audience and show them that you feel confident and comfortable. Whatever you do, do not frown, or look unhappy.

These body language tips will help you give a better presentation in English.

In the next post, I will teach you about good eye contact for presentations.

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