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Presenting in English - Learn English About Using Gestures in English

You will learn about presenting in English and about using gestures in English presentations. When giving a presentation gestures in English are very important. What is gesture in presentation? Gestures in English language can include hand gestures in English and body gestures in English. You will learn how to give a presentation in English with presentations in English examples. You will learn English for presentation that will help you improve English presentation skills. So, let's learn about using gestures in presentations along with using hand gestures in presentations.

The topic for this post is using gestures in English presentations.

Let us begin with a simple question. What are our gestures? Gestures are the motions and movements we make with our hands when we speak. Gestures are important in presentations for many reasons.

First, gestures help keep the audience focused and interested. Can you imagine watching a presentation with no gestures?

Second, gestures can help increase the audience’s understanding of what we are talking about, using gestures can help us show what we are talking about.

And third, gestures add emphasis and help us to express what the most important ideas are in our speech.

Let us consider the different types of gestures we can use. We can use gestures to express actions, emphasize adjectives, and to illustrate what we are saying. First, we can use gestures to express actions. We can use gestures to emphasize adjectives, especially when we use words like really very and so really tall, small, really big. Third, we can use gestures to illustrate what we are saying.

Let us look at some examples.

First, we can use gestures to illustrate what point we are talking about. For instance, first, second, third. We can hold up our fingers to show one finger, two fingers, or three fingers. We can also use gestures that are more natural to our speaking, like when we are speaking and are expressing an idea that will continue or keep going when we want to express disbelief or when we want to illustrate an important point. These gestures are often part of our natural speaking and can be effective in presentations.

Now that we have gone over different types of gestures, let us learn three of the most important tips for using gestures during a presentation.

Tip #1 - Make gestures slowly and clearly.

It is important to make your gestures slowly and clearly to emphasize your point. Do not gesture really quickly or suddenly, or it will distract your audience.

Tip #2 - Be natural.

It is important to use natural gestures that you would use if you were talking to, say, a friend. Being natural means that you should use gestures while you speak. Do not pause to do gestures.

Another part of using natural gestures is keeping your hands fairly close to your body. We do not often make big gestures, so keep it natural. It is OK to use big gestures and sometimes presenters will do it to be funny. But normally you can follow the rule of keeping your hands in your personal space.

Tip #3 - Do not overuse gestures.

Use them only to express important ideas. Some people tend to use too many gestures. Make sure to only use gestures naturally and to express important words or ideas.

So, remember, make gestures slowly and clearly, be natural and do not overuse gestures. In the next chapter I will teach you about writing an English EFFECTIVE presentation body.

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